At Bright North Electric, we have a vision. It begins with great electrical work, innovative ideas, a highly qualified team, and top-notch customer service. My name is Ben Samuel. I am the owner of Bright North Electric.

Our team has experience with Commercial projects, fire alarm systems, controls/troubleshooting, service work, and more.

We offer a 24-hour on-call service for after-hours electrical emergencies.
Our understanding of electrical issues (including motor control) and our commitment to timely and quality workmanship have earned us many pleased industrial, commercial, and residential clients. Please contact us for estimates and rates.

As well, I am excited to be one of the first solar-certified electricians in Saskatoon. There is great potential for solar power in Saskatchewan. (Visit our Solar FAQ page for more information about solar and how it may benefit you.)

In addition to serving customers locally and provincially, I have a global dream: to see solar power brighten lives around the world. At Bright North Electric, we donate a portion of our profits to our Bright Future Initiative,” a partnership with a charitable organization called Empower2Transform that installs solar arrays in remote communities in need worldwide. For more information about this initiative, see our Bright Future Initiative page or contact us.

As a company, our overall mission is to provide cutting edge electrical expertise through a combination of innovative training and research, experience, and quality workmanship. In any job, big or small, we are committed to giving our clients great results for a competitive price.

At Bright North Electric, we believe the future is bright. We are here to help make it even brighter.