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At Bright North Electric, a portion of our profit goes to an organization called Empower2Transform, which provides solar power to remote communities in need.

The next project is in process and we will provide more details when it is complete! We are thankful that the clinic we helped with in 2018 continues to serve patients, and provided lifesaving help during the pandemic.

Empower2transform’s vision is "to be a catalyst for community transformation by providing innovative renewable energy solutions."


July 2018 – solar install in Nuevo Shetebo, Peru

A simple solar array package can make a world of difference for communities that lack consistent basic power. In partnership with Empower2Transform, we have just completed our first international solar installation in the community of Nuevo Shetebo, Peru. A 600W off-grid system was installed to power a medical center with LED lights and a small fridge for life-saving anti-venom vaccines (venomous snake bites are a prevalent challenge in the region, which contributes to a high mortality rate especially among children). We enjoyed working with this welcoming community and we are excited for their future.

Stay tuned for updates on future projects! For more information, contact